• Dinner Parties: How To (or at least how I do….)

    Now I’ll be totally up front and tell you, I don’t claim to be a complete professional when it comes to dinner parties.  I mean I’m not Ina Garten with a florist and vendors on call, and an industrial kitchen.  Nor do I have a gorgeous center piece floral arrangement that runs the full length of my 20 foot dining table.  I’m just not that good.  BUT, I will say my parties are well planned and well executed and I can tell you if I stressed out at any point about the food during the night, no one was any the wiser.

    You see, to say I love throwing a dinner party is a gross understatement.  I live for the parties we have and I don’t think I can tell you what I love more, planning them or executing them.  The whole process is so much fun for me.  So….. I thought I’d share with you my whole process and some of the menus that I’ve cooked.IMG_4829_2

  • How to Easily Cut a Roasted Chicken

    In the previous post I shared with you the method we use to roast a perfect chicken.  Today I want to share with you how I quickly and easily cut that roasted chicken for serving.

    One tool I think every kitchen should have is a good pair of kitchen scissors.  A sturdy pair kept in the kitchen only used for kitchen tasks only.  You can also look for poultry scissors.  The specific brand I use is Wusthof, but Oxo, Henckel, Scanpan and many others make them as well.  Pick a pair that seem sturdy and feel comfortable in your hand.  An added bonus would be if they come apart for easy cleaning.  Use your kitchen scissors for cutting your chicken.  There is no easier way.

    Breast side up with legs pointing towards you.
    Breast side up with legs pointing towards you.