• Another Vegetable Filled Adventure ~ Salmon Rice Paper Rolls Served with Green Bean and Red Pepper Salad

    It’s Friday again and in my house that either means fly to work morning or fly home evening for my better half.  Every Friday means a trip to the airport for us.  I have to say I much prefer the Friday evening trips over the Friday insanely early morning trips.  Those morning trips you never can tell what mismatched clothes I might be wearing or what direction my hair will be pointing.  I totally pull off the “I just rolled out of bed to make this drop off and plan on going straight back to bed” look.  And of course, I don’t jut struggle with the early morning but also the fact that it is good-bye for the week.  But lets not dwell on the early mornings anymore for today is an evening trip to the airport which means, not only am I more presentable, but also that it is fly home day!!  Yay for us!!

    Fly home day means a low key night with a good catch up and a clean meal pack with veggies.  Tonight I really wanted to do a make ahead meal so all I really had to do was pull it from the fridge, pour some wine and sit an enjoy.  I knew I wanted to make salmon.  I toyed with a lot of ideas; a house favorite Salmon Nicoise, Salmon and Asparagus pasta, Honey Soy Salmon, Salmon Banh Mi…  I could keep going.  There are a couple pages of scribbled notes.  What I did decide on is Salmon Rice Paper Rolls with a Chilled Green Bean and Red Pepper Salad.Vietnamese Salmon Rolls with Green Bean and Red Pepper Salad