• Fish Stew

    Hello friends.  Long time no chat.  It had to happen eventually though, right?  A new post?  Here it is!

    So 2015…. not my best year for blogging.  I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to find a single soul to disagree.  But that’s the lovely thing about life right?  We get to start again.  Let’s put 2015 blogging in past and move forward shall we?  It might take a bit to get back into the swing of things but I will.  Like riding a bike and all, right?  I think so, but please stick with me until my writing gets a bit less clumsy.  And wait until you get a look at these photos!! Shocking!!!!Fish Stew

  • Return from Hiatus and Kale and Turkey Stew

    Well, I’ve returned.  I’m back from my unintended hiatus.  I never intended on being so inactive here at LSL this month but two trips taking up two weeks away from the house have made things crazy.

    We’ve had so much fun and I plan on telling you all about it in upcoming posts.  In good time my friends.  In good time.Living the Savory Life