• The Hanging Pallet Garden

    We moved into the new house in August and really I’ve been talking about “growing stuff” since I moved to Australia nearly two years ago, but after this most recent move I really started talking about it.  I even grew (if you can call it that) with very limited success cherry tomatoes.  It all went downhill when we took off for the US around Thanksgiving time.  The automatic watering system failed and my poor plants went kaput.

    Perth really is a difficult climate to grow the types of vegetables and herbs that I’m looking to grow.  It is dry.  It is hot and the soil is very sandy.  Add to that a very small nearly non-existent space to plant things at the current house and well, I pretty much have the ultimate list of undesirables.  We had to think outside the box.

    Enter google and pinterest and that great world wide web we all love so much.  Solution = HANGING PALLET GARDEN!