In My Kitchen ~ May 2014

How is it that as we get older the months and years go by more quickly???  I mean wasn’t it just Christmas and New Year’s like, I don’t know, yesterday??  And now it’s May already.  I just don’t know where the time goes…. (*sigh*)

Well, no matter, it’s time for another monthly installment of In My Kitchen hosted by Celia over at Fig Lime and Cordial.  Thanks again Celia for hosting!

This month I have an edible goodie for you!  Seattle Chocolate bars.  Back when I was in Seattle a couple months ago I picked these beauties (and a few others who didn’t make it this long) from the Seattle Chocolates main office that is conveniently around the corner from my office there.  I have loved Seattle Chocolates for some time.  I find the flavor options so delicious and the chocolate is rich and creamy and not too sweet.  I prefer the dark chocolate options and the Coconut Macaroon is probably my favorite.  Everyone I have ever shared my favorite chocolates with have really enjoyed them.  A delightful treat if you can get your hands on one!  I’m very carefully rationing my remaining bars so I can enjoy them for just a bit longer!Seattle Chocolates ~ Living the Savory Life

In my Kitchen I also have this very pretty cookbook stand.  I think it is a very pretty way to hold your cookbook open to the recipe you are using.  It keeps the cookbook up off the counter away from flying ingredients and can even fold away if you want it off the countertop when you aren’t using it.  I had always wanted one for my kitchen and was so pleased when I found one that was both functional and pretty!  Now to find one for my iPad!Cookbook Stand ~ Living the Savory Life

A tool in my kitchen that I use frequently is this rasp.  It is made by microplane.  This one is the classic zester.  The handle fits perfectly in my hand and is quick to use and clean up and has a protective cover for when you’re not using it.  I use it often for zesting all types of citrus as well as for parmesan cheese when I want to finish off a pasta dish.  I highly recommend the microplane brand.  They are well made and well priced!Microplane ~ Living the Savory Life

In my kitchen I also have quite the knife collection!  I really love a good knife.  Not so many years ago I was a dedicated Henckel 4 Star girl but recently I have switched to the Wustof Classic Ikon and am really enjoying my new knives.  I tend to stick more to the German knives than the Japanese knives.  As you can see my we have some Japanese knives mixed in as well.  Those are Shun Classics and belong to my better half.  The Shun Classic comes in a left or right handed option because of the way the handle is crafted.  In reality, the number of knives a kitchen “needs” to have is very few (a topic I will discuss in great detail somewhere down the line).  A paring knife, a utility knife, a chef’s knife and a bread knife should about do it.  If there was one more to add it would be a carving knife.  As you know, I quite like my poultry scissors as well.  The only knife I use pretty much everyday is my chef’s knife and I do tend to lean more to my Santoku.  It is just what is most comfortable in my hand.  I really believe good quality kitchen tools make the cooking experience so much more fun!  I also think if you have to spend money on just one kitchen tool and buy cheaper for the rest, buy a good knife and keep it properly sharpened.  It makes life easier.  My partner was a little scared, I think, when I moved in and had my very own knife bag in tow (this photo doesn’t represent the half of it), but now that he has his own small collection, I’m pretty sure he understands.Part of the Knife Collection ~ Living the Savory Life

To go with our knife collection we have this really nice knife holder.  It is meant to fit in a drawer but in this rental house our kitchen drawers are unfortunately not deep enough.  It does tuck away perfectly in our pantry though.  I personally prefer them to be tucked away rather than on the countertop in a block.  I’d rather keep the countertops free and clear so there is plenty of space for chopping and dicing and cooking.  Plus it just looks cleaner.  Knowing me, if they were on the countertop I’d want them all to get used equally and make a point to use each of them every time I cook.  (I have this thing about symmetry and all sides being equal.  Growing up when I was taking piano lessons I used to find it annoying that the right hand got to play more notes than the left.  How’s that for a crazy glimpse inside my head?!  Yeah, sorry for that.)  It is really good to make sure your knives are properly stored; 1 because it protects the blades from being bent or nicked and 2 it prevents you from reaching into a drawer and grabbing the blade instead of the handle and if you have really sharp knives they can quickly slice down to the bone.  After all that’s what they’re intended for!Knife Block ~ Living the Savory Life

And I think that concludes this month’s “In My Kitchen”.  I’ll see you again next month for another peek at what is going on In My Kitchen, but of course, feel free to stop by on occasion to check out what recipes we are making and other “Savory” things happening (there *might* be a trip to Indonesia coming up…… and there *might* be on to Melbourne on the list as well).  It’s going to be a busy and very fun May!


  • Kylie

    I love the packaging of the Seattle Chocolates…they look too pretty to open! Im also very envious of your knife collection- some serious knives there!

    • Lauren


      Believe me! They are too good not to eat!! I love the coconut macaroon. I also love the salted almond truffles they make. So good. A good knife makes cooking so much better!

  • Glenda

    Hi Lauren, Welcome to the IMK family from a fellow Western Australian. Your header photo indicates MR or the SV, is it one or the other? I am mainly from Bridgetown.

    • Lauren


      Hi Glenda! Thank you. My header photo was actually taken in Mendoza in 2009. I took a trip to Argentina and loved every second of it!

  • Mandy - The Complete Book

    I too find the months are flying by!
    I love your cookbook stand – I would love to own one and I too love a good knife. Family and friends know how I hate a blunt knife and usually sharpen one on the blade of another.
    Have a super day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • heidi

    Thanks for sharing your kitchen this month! I love my rasp/grater so much! I need to buy a new one because I’ve been using it to shave laundry soap for my home made laundry detergent and it has been seriously damaged, I think!
    Those chocolate bars are so prettily packaged- I would use them for decoupage or gift wrapping after I ate the chocolate- because I WOULD eat the chocolate no matter how beautiful the wrapping!

  • Anne

    I would be seduced by the packaging on the chocolates and find it difficult not to buy the whole range. Interesting to see your knife collection and funny how we all have our favourites. I have one knife that I use for almost everything, but my husband hates using it.

  • celia

    Lauren, I reckon I’d have bought the chocolate for the wrappers, regardless of how it tasted! What a bonus that they’re delicious as well! I have that exact same microplane grater and use it all the time, especially for zesting lemons. Love your knife rack, even if it doesn’t fit in the drawers! 🙂

  • Tania @ The Cook's Pyjamas

    I wouldn’t be sharing those chocolates. They would be hidden away all for me 🙂 I do love the Microplane graters but I don’t have the zester. It is such a handy size that I really do need to invest. Thanks for a peek into your kitchen.

    • Lauren


      I am the only proclaimed chocolate lover in the house, but even my chocolate hating better half can’t stay away from these! Thanks for visiting.

  • Gail

    Thanks for the look in your kitchen this month. Love your knife collection and totally agree on not having a knife block taking up bench space.

  • Maureen

    I love that knife holder. I’ve got the Wusthof knives too but I’ve only got the traditional block. Your cookbook stand is delightful. What a great addition to your kitchen.

  • Moya

    Fabulous set of knives you have. I would not be without my micorplane zester, it’s a fantastic kitchen tool. Love your cookbook stand too. 🙂

  • Kim | a little lunch

    Lauren, your piano playing analogy was near & dear to my heart — please feel free to share further glimpses inside your head! Loved your knife collection… “the feel of the handle” (to me) is as important as the cutting edge, too. Nice IMK post!

  • Glenda @ Healthy Stories

    I love my microplane too. It’s so good for zesting any citrus fruit, and is fantastic for hard cheeses. It does okay for creating a very fine dusting of chocolate, but only if the chocolate is frozen first (so I keep a little bit of dark chocolate in the freezer just in case).

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