• Drunken Chicken Wings

    Sometimes I think I live under a rock.  I mean where was I when all my friends in college were headed to ten cent wing night?  Where was I when platters of 100’s of buffalo wings were ordered for every football Sunday of the season?  Where was I?!?!

    Late to the party I tell you!  Late to the party!Drunken Chicken Wings ~ Living the Savory Life

  • Return from Hiatus and Kale and Turkey Stew

    Well, I’ve returned.  I’m back from my unintended hiatus.  I never intended on being so inactive here at LSL this month but two trips taking up two weeks away from the house have made things crazy.

    We’ve had so much fun and I plan on telling you all about it in upcoming posts.  In good time my friends.  In good time.Living the Savory Life

  • Turkey “Cobb” Salad

    When thinking of what to put together for dinner this past week, I was really thinking of a true Cobb salad.  Chicken, egg, avocado, blue cheese and bacon among a pile of greens and tomatoes and onion.  All of this of course to be topped off with a thick and creamy dressing.  You know, one of those salads that end up with more calories than a bacon cheeseburger?

    Yeah, that’s what I really wanted.

    Using my better judgement (for once) I opted for this Turkey “Cobb” Salad instead.  Beautiful, fresh leafy greens topped with chopped turkey, thinly sliced carrot, sliced cucumber, chopped tomato, blanched green beans, blanched broccoli, and topped with a lightened up buttermilk ranch dressing.Turkey "Cobb" Salad ~ Living the Savory Life

  • Buttermilk and Herb Marinated Chicken Served on a Bed of Spinach

    Buttermilk and Herb Marinated Chicken ~ Living the Savory LifeFriends, I have a great one for you today!  Huge HUGE hit in this house.  Any leftovers are great for salads and sandwiches the next day.  In fact, I’m a little sorry that I didn’t make extra so there would be leftovers.  Buttermilk and herb marinated chicken on a bed of spinach looks very elegant but cooks up quickly which makes it a possibility for the mid-week menu.

  • Clean Eating Chicken and Bok Choy Soup

    It’s no big secret; we eat very well.  Some are very rich and hearty meals.  Comforting like a warm fluffy blanket.  Part of enjoying all of those rich and delicious meals is balancing them with lighter, yet equally satisfying dishes.  Something basic and simple and clean.  This is one of our go to dinners when we need something healthy, hot, simple and satisfying.

    I like to serve this soup in these cute little red woks that I found at a local kitchen shop.  The soup you see in them is just barely two cups.  The woks aren’t really big enough to cook in but are fun for serving!

    Clean Eating Chicken and Bok Choy Soup ~ Living the Savory Life

  • Leftover Revamp ~ Hawaiian Burger

    Hawaiian Burger ~ Living the Savory LifeI hadn’t initially intended on sharing this with you but it was just too delicious not to.  As you know, part of my new commitment to our kitchen is to use up leftover bits and pieces in the refrigerator and pantry and not be wasteful.  Well, it was lunchtime and instead of running out to pick up lunch supplies I pulled a couple burger patties out of the freezer, some fresh pineapple leftover from my pineapple salsa, the last few slices of triple smoke deli ham, some jalapenos,  and a bit of red onion.   The one thing I did grab, was the burger buns from our favorite bakery around the corner.  They have the nicest bread and croissants.  Total bonus that they’re cheaper than buying bread from the grocery store and it tastes so much better!

  • In My Kitchen ~ May 2014

    How is it that as we get older the months and years go by more quickly???  I mean wasn’t it just Christmas and New Year’s like, I don’t know, yesterday??  And now it’s May already.  I just don’t know where the time goes…. (*sigh*)

    Well, no matter, it’s time for another monthly installment of In My Kitchen hosted by Celia over at Fig Lime and Cordial.  Thanks again Celia for hosting!

    This month I have an edible goodie for you!  Seattle Chocolate bars.  Back when I was in Seattle a couple months ago I picked these beauties (and a few others who didn’t make it this long) from the Seattle Chocolates main office that is conveniently around the corner from my office there.  I have loved Seattle Chocolates for some time.  I find the flavor options so delicious and the chocolate is rich and creamy and not too sweet.  I prefer the dark chocolate options and the Coconut Macaroon is probably my favorite.  Everyone I have ever shared my favorite chocolates with have really enjoyed them.  A delightful treat if you can get your hands on one!  I’m very carefully rationing my remaining bars so I can enjoy them for just a bit longer!Seattle Chocolates ~ Living the Savory Life