• Shrimp and Pineapple Salsa Bites

    Today I’m offering a double feature.   We just talked about the House Special Margarita that I highly recommend you try!

    Let’s switch over and talk about a little nibble you can have with your margarita.  I’m calling these Shrimp and Pineapple Salsa Bites but you could also consider them individual shrimp nachos.Shrimp and Pineapple Salsa Nacho ~ Living the Savory Life

  • House Special Margarita ~ The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Continues

    So yesterday we spoke a little bit about the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta menu and how I like to set up my buffet table.  Today I want to share with you my house special margarita.  She’s a beaut.

    What makes this margarita so special?  I’m glad you asked.  We forego the store bought, prefab sour mix and substitute homemade lemon/lime sorbet.  Add to it white tequila, Cointreau, and a rim of Australian Flake Sea Salt and you know what you have?  You have a grade A cocktail my Brooklyn friend would say is “Dyn-o-mite”.  Wait.  Let’s stop a second.  Say it again in your best Brooklyn accent.  Really drag it out. Dyn-o-mite.  Ok.  That’s much better.Margarita ~ Living the Savory Life

  • Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

    May has come so quickly this year.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Where did January, February and March go?  This year seriously needs to slow down a bit and well I seriously need to celebrate a little bit more!  Look no further; Cinco de Mayo will be here lickety split!  Does anyone need a better reason to throw a party?  I know I don’t!

    Break out your sombreros!  Salt your margarita glasses (or stay tuned for the LSL recipe)!  Let’s have a party.  Now if only I had a Mariachi band…..Cinco de Mayo ~ Living the Savory Life

  • Leftover Revamp ~ Greek Nachos

    With just two of us in the house it can be really hard to not waste food.  One of our biggest pet peeves is throwing food away.  It is just so wasteful and I feel guilty throwing it away.

    We always try to do better.  I’ve stopped cooking dinner one night a week and we just pull out all of the little containers in the fridge and we each make a plate with what’s available.  Somehow there’s always bits that still get thrown away.  Enter ~ Leftover Revamp.  I’m hoping you enjoy this and that it will become a regular feature on LSL.  The goal here is to take a leftover item or two and combine it with pantry items and staples from the fridge to create a completely different meal than the original.Greek Nachos ~ Living the Savory Life

  • Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry

    Need a quick and easy mid-week meal?  Look no further.  This stir-fry is quick to come together and is packed with veggie goodness.  Not only that, it is highly adaptable to what you have on hand or what is in season.  No snow peas?  No worries.  Sub green beans.  Want mushrooms?  Add them.  Want little baby corn?  Throw them in!  It’s really that easy.  If you aren’t feeling like beef, go ahead, use chicken or shrimp instead.Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry ~ Living the Savory Life

  • Pizza Bread

    Pizza Bread ~ Living the Savory LifeIf I had to choose one food to eat everyday for the rest of my life, I’m pretty sure it would be bread.  Maybe even this specific bread.  You see, I have had a very loving relationship with bread for my entire life with the exception of the 18 months we had a long distance relationship when I was carb free.  Skinny and beautiful?  You know it but absolutely miserable without the food love of my life.  I vow to never be carb free again.

  • Carne Asada Nachos

    Cabo Resort complete with swim up bar!
    Cabo Resort complete with swim up bar!

    It has only been a couple of months since I was in Mexico, but it feels like ages ago.  I was in Cabo.  At a brand new resort.  On a work trip.  Yeah, I pretty much was “Living the Savory Life” on that trip!  Sun, pool, beach, all inclusive food and drink, deep sea fishing, massages; oh I could go on, but I’m even starting to get a little jealous of my past self!  It really was a lovely trip and the crew we had there was just amazing.  I hope I get to go again next year!

  • Soup. It’s What’s For Dinner.

    I love soup.  Any time of year.  Hot weather.  Cold weather.  I just really don’t care.  I generally prefer my soup hot rather than cold but I can get down with a chilled cucumber and dill every now and then.Butternut Squash Soup ~ Living the Savory Life

  • The Ultimate Pressed Sandwich

    In our house I’m known as the sandwich queen.  I admit it; I make a mean sandwich.  It is a big burden to bear but I like to think I’m up for the challenge.  I’ve had a lot of practice.Sandwich Queen